Resources and Events

November and December

Community Resources Available in Franklin County

The bylaws include topics such as:

Southwest Area Commission Bylaws April 21, 2022 (Signed)

  • Southwest Area Boundaries, Purpose of the Southwest Ares Commission, Membership composition, appointments, terms, and attendance, Officer terms, roles, and responsibilities, Meeting dates, times, quorum, voting, and decorum, Committees, and Elections

SWAC Parks: This is a short PowerPoint that describes our four SWAC Parks.


The Southwest Area Plan was adopted in 2009. The plan includes topics and graphics such as:

  • History, Existing Conditions (2009), Recommendations, Implementation, Maps, planning area, zoning, sidewalks and trails, community facilities, traffic counts, Tables, population and housing trends, demographics, zoning and development, and transportation

Standing Rules

Franklin Township Road Map and Jurisdictional Boundaries

Design Guidelines: Columbus Citywide Planning Policies (C2P2): Southwest Area Commission voted to be early adopters of the C2P2.

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