Park Improvements Coming Soon

We have been heard! The City of Columbus Recreation and Parks will be putting out two requests for proposals for designs to improve Willow Creek and McCoy parks. Stoneridge will see facility upgrades this summer to include new picnic tables!

McCoy Park is a barren city park in desperate need of attention. 1.2 million dollars is committed to this park. Exciting changes!

Willow Creek Park is a small park, but did you know that you can only access 1/2 of the park? The second part is so densely wooded, we can’t experience it even on foot. I’m looking forward to seeing how we can preserve and experience the beautiful natural wonder that is in SWAC’s backyard.

Join Us For Litter Pick Ups!

The Southwest Area Commission is committed to making our neighborhood a little cleaner through our Keep the Southwest Area Beautiful litter pickup program!  Typically held the second Saturday of each month (March-October) from 10am to 11am, the SWAC, along with our neighborhood volunteers, rotate to locations around our area to make a difference. All the equipment and supplies are provided, all volunteers need to do is show up and help out!

Our Community Spaces

The Southwest Area Commission has over 16,000 residents. Compare that with Circleville, Ohio, with about 18,000 residents. Unfortunately, we do not have a community center or library. So I’ll focus on what we do have; four parks. Berliner Park is a regional asset designed to host organized sports. There are charges for parking, and picnic tables are gated to prevent community use. The remaining three parks are our community parks; McCoy, Stoneridge, and Willow Creek.

Within our three community parks we have one picnic table.

Elizabeth Reed